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  • How can I book an appointment?
    To book an appointment at our dental clinic, you can fill the form available at the top, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you can also give us a call on +91 99208 05443
  • How experienced is your team?
    Our dental clinic boasts a highly experienced team of professionals with 15 years of expertise in providing top-quality dental care and treatment to our patients.
  • Do I need to go out to get X-rays and reports?
    You won't need to go elsewhere for X-rays and reports. Everything is conveniently available in-house.
  • What about aftercare of the treatment?
    Aftercare following dental treatment typically involves following post-procedure instructions provided by the dental clinic, which may include oral hygiene practices, dietary restrictions, and scheduled follow-up appointments for monitoring and adjustments.
  • What modes of payment are acceptable at Dr Cherry’s Dental Studio?
    We accept payments through Cash/Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Paytm/ PhonePe or via any other UPI Payment methods.
  • How frequently should I visit a dentist?
    The recommended frequency of dental visits varies based on oral health. General advice suggests a visit every six months for regular check-ups. Individuals with dental issues should follow dentist recommendations, which may involve visits every three months or as advised.
  • What are the safety measures adopted by Dr Cherry’s Dental Studio?
    We follow a zero-compromise policy when it comes to safety & hygiene. This ensures a completely sterile & hygienic environment.

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