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Terms & Conditions

1.We are liberal in accepting cheque payments,but the same cannot be construed as a right. An addt. charge of 2% is levied on credit cards(depending on the card type- sole discretion of out team).

2. As far as possible all alternatives of the treatment with their advantages & disadvantages are explained to you however if you have any further questions we shall be most pleasant to clarify the same before you decide your choice of treatment plan.

3.If for any reason you have not followed the given instructions it is in your interest to inform the doctor at the earliest possible; so as to enable doctor to take suitable corrective measures.

4.You must report us for a follow up every 6 months or earlier as advised. You must get a written date of next follow up from the reception & retain the same with you.

5 As far as possible keep the appointment; if at all changing of appointment is inevitable; please call our office , immediately.

6.We reserve the right to change the treatment plan or the estimate with or without information to you, however the same shall be done in good faith and in your interest.


7. No refund is permissible under any circumstances.


8. Warranty is given for some patients if specified on the treatment paper on the highest estimate plan. warranty will be only valid if full payment is made and follow ups are made regularly.

9. We encourage taking a second opinion and therefore handover the paper copy along with options and plans. However we do not provide with the internal scans and xrays and we dont charge for the same. the same is for the accurate diagnosis by us and patient comfort.  

Check list; Enclosed 
1.Facilities @ Dental Studio 

2.Complete process of how patient is examined, estimate given, payments to be made , treatment to be received etc..

3.Procedural brochure with photographs.

4.Miscellaneous Information.

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